Christmas by the sea

The color treatment on these photos are inconsistent, but so was the mood.

Aye. Despite her serene smile in the pic above, our little one fought tooth and claw against the tyranny of the car seat, the repression of the stroller, and wailed a lot during the walk by the coast.

I was coping as well I could for a person who still gets nauseous and dizzy without sunglasses in the sun. Hearing her distressed wasn’t helping.

She’s finally asleep now after thrashing and fussing for ages. So hopefully the day can be more relaxed from heron out.

Have you heard of raclette? It’s a machine that melts cheese on these little sliding plates that look like tiny shovels. You boil a giant pot of potatoes, put the pot on top of the raclette machine to keep warm, and melt cheese, drink beer or wine and chat and pour the melted cheese over your potatoes to eat. A pretty chilled way of not having to do much for lunch but still eat well without ordering out.

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