What a subtly abusive relationship actually looks like: A frame by frame breakdown of the Gabby Petito police bodycam footage

You have to read this. Psych central just did a frame by frame breakdown of lines and behaviours from the bodycam footage of gabby petito and her boyfriend, in context of generalised abusive behavioirs and other examples, and wow.

In the same way I that didn’t know that I had postpartum; I just felt like a bad mom ..

In most emotionally abusive relationships, you don’t know you’re being abused: you feel like a bad/ unworthy partner. TV isn’t a good indicator of how emotional abuse works in real life; if you needed a clue that tv isn’t a good way to gauge reality, orgasms that take seconds and secirity camera footage that can be zoomed into without any loss of resolutioon are your clues. Also, dragons. ?

“She wants to start her own little website”

How many times has a partner made you feel stupid, or selfish, or delusional for something you’re doing?

The write up really spelled out that I exited some relationships for the right reasons and not a moment too soon. Even though at the time I felt so messed up and confused as to why I needed to exit them. I felt it meant I was unlovable – a bad girlfriend.

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  1. Such important information. Gaslighting and other abusive methods make the VICTIM feel guilty, stupid, worthless, and/or confused. It’s utterly “crazy-making” — I hope this information spreads far and wide, and helps the abused to see that they are NOT insane…

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