Testing: the case of the unloaded WP sidebar


I’m not sure how adding blocks to the sidebar caused this to happen. But I might as well test it out live. This is a lovely little free theme from Blossom Themes, but suddenly the sidebar isn’t loading and that means you can’t read it properly on a desktop, or at all on mobile. Which is … a problem.

  1. Rebuilt the sidebar again in case it was an issue with one of the widgets. Working on older posts but not the last one.
  2. Testing with a test post and on preview, the sidebar is loading. Ok. Passed.
  3. Added a featured image to see if that’s breaking the theme. OK passed.
  4. Adding the exact same featured image as the broken post to see if it’s that exact image. OK. Passed.
  5. Let’s add my content from the post that’s broken. perhaps a block is causing the theme to freak out. After the horizontal line. FAILED

Well, that’s new. I’ve never known a theme to break by post content before.

By changing elements in the text until it loads again, it seems adding the link from the quoted passage on my page (the section on not needing sun exposure every day) direct to the corresponding passage in the source journal without reader friendly text (just pasting the URL in here) was breaking the theme. Possibly, it’s a chrome-only feature and breaks Safari?

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