Witchcore and Cottage Core AMSR Videos for Autumn

Are you looking for some background music to work or write (or draw, read, study, etc) to? The kind that feels like autumn?

I never “got” people who loved autumn whilst living in the UK. A typical UK summer day is sort of like shaking a magic 8 ball and only one of the available options is sun, but it could just as easily be hail or wind or sleet. As the summer turns to autumn, the “sun” option seems to be removed and the rain, sleet and hail are more frequent. It didn’t match with all the people sharing how much they just LOVED the “fall” online.

In Spain, however, there’s a full autumn display of crisp, bright mornings – a welcome relief after the heatwaves of summer. Red and gold leaves and orangy gold sunlight in weather that lets you enjoy walking outside. Nights that are cooler. I’m one of those annoying autumn people now.

And part of that is having seasonal background sounds on when at or near the computer.

WitchCore ASMR Playlist

For all my practical magic and fantasy genre people.

My first and favourite so far..

  1. Autum Rainy Day, Witchy Coffee Shop ASMR. It’s all the little details like the relaxing cats, the magical glowing leaves or butterflies outside. The floating tea cup that spins and pings when magic shoots through the glass at some random point (but not so often as to be annoying). As well as all the sonic details you’d want in a coffee shop ambience- rain, tea being poured, tea cups clonking, etc..it all makes for a comforting, but focus-friendly, background noise. This is one to have open in a separate monitor or ipad on sidecar, because it’s that good. The entire channel is gold, and there’s even a playlist of skyrim ASMR!
  2. If you’re a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton films or always wanted to imagine yourself in a spooky Netflix drama – maybe a cross between Pretty Little Liars, True Blood and IT- this Halloween in a Spooky Village feels like the opening credits scene.

While you work, it feels like a theme song running behind you – and that means your work just needs to be a little bit epic.

The Tim Burton influence is clear and delightful. Really, really good.

3. If you want cosy, mystic ASMR without “other people” noises or feeling like you should check the locks, then this bustle-free Late Summer Witchy ASMR track is more for you.

There’s some mystical “elf vocals” sounds which may or may not be off-putting, but the purring, the tea pouring, and the very crackly fireplace are a nice background sound. There’s also some boiling and maybe pen scratching I hear. The visuals are cartoonish, but the crackly ASMR is good. Let this one run in a background tab.

4. When you need extra zen, autumn at the green witch’s house has nature and leaves, river sounds in the background, wooden boards creaking under footsteps, a heavy clock ticking subtly away, and some spa-like calming piano and synth music. Very soothing and calming.

Cosy Autumn Jazz, Cottage Core, and Cabin Core videos

The witch aesthetic isn’t for everyone, or at least not all the time. If you’re feeling a special way because it’s autumn, and like smooth jazz and fireplaces try…

  1. Cosy Autumn in a jazzy coffee shop

It’s the coffee shop lights and late afternoon light outside (based on northern European light hours- Spain is light until near enough 8pm) the fireplace and the orange candles that make this feel autumnal.

2. Warm Autum in Outdoor Cafe Is a lovely, calm smooth jazzy soundtrack against a glowing autumn sky, a cafe on a wooden pier overlooking a lake, and orange-tinted forest across the river. Just lovely on the eyes and ears.

3. Cosy Autumn fireplace is a cute screen and a nice crackling fireplace with lots of pumpkins dotted around a cosy cabin and leaves falling by the window. The ASMR is quite lovely.

4. If you’ve always wanted a home library , but live in an apartment the size of a shoebox, you can get the visuals of having stacks of books, cushy chairs, tall tiled window panes and all the rain patter, purring cat, tea for one, and paper turning sounds in this video.

I’m now being recommended a bunch of “shire” and hobbit inspired ASMR, so I can’t wait to test those recommendations out next week.

What are your background autumn ASMR or Pomodoro or playlists for working?

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