Grieving for the living – Dementia in a family

I think the last time I updated this blog was before my father visited me in Spain last year. It was in November. And that's when the absent-mindedness and his tendency to tune out in phone conversations that we always attributed to his strong, difficult, impatient personality had evidently turned into something else. He couldn't

Healing & Emotional Health Best Reads: Reacting vs Responding, Vitamin C RDAs Should be Doubled, CDC says Depressed should get Covid Booster shot

Reacting vs Responding; Know the Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency, Depression and Mental Health Conditions Grounds for a Covid Booster; Why We Wake up at 3am (and why it feels like the end of the world); and Good Psychological Advice in Dune.

Healing & Emotional Health: Best Reads This Week- Sleep metrics, memory hacks, and gut-muscle connections.

This week: the most important metric for sleep.How accurate is your wearable?Gut biome helps muscles grow larger. Neuroscience how to retain info for much longer.The secret to avoid burnout.Quiet carriages on LDR trains.How to find a decent therapist.

Self Growth vs Social Good, or Community vs Capitalism?

I wrote a little while ago about how our self growth culture has the effect of keeping up apart and feeling never enough, and how that played out in my life. To the point where wellness culture on Instagram started to feel predatory for me. People who were saying I had everything I needed within