Hey there.

My name is Moodthy, and on this site, I go by the insta handle “the healing mom”.

I’m a person who likes to collect, organise and document my processes.

I started this blog because since the pandemic I was having a lot of similar conversations via DM about feelings of loneliness and planning in times of uncertain futures and wanted to share what’s been helping me in one place, rather than in various DropboxPaper documents and article links I’d share manually with people.

See a video of me talking about why I started my blog on insta

A place to share stories

Today, blogs are all about “niching down” and “speaking to your audience”. When you have ADHD as I do, it’s a little hard to split yourself into aspects.

On wyld.media, I write about digital product design, startups, design, remote work culture (I’ve been working remotely for over 15 years now) and other things that might interest tech people (workflows, feelings about work or social media).

I wanted a place where I can be all of me.

Where I can write about the small and intangible things sometimes. Like feeling isolated in a group of people. Or missing someone you’re in a room with.

Part of being a product designer is collecting stories, after all. Our human stories matter.

I know replying in comments is a bit icky these days because they are there for the whole world to read and somewhere along the way we felt the need to use real names instead of internet handles that gave us a little anonymity.

Feel free to shoot me an email or find me on Mastodon to say hey.

I’d love to hear your story too.