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Hey there.

I’m naturally a person who likes to collect, organise and document my processes.

I started this blog because since the pandemic I was having a lot of similar conversations via DM about feelings of loneliness and planning in times of uncertain futures and wanted to share what’s been helping me in one place, rather than in various dropbox paper documents and article links I’d share manually with people.

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Becoming a mom during a pandemic

The ironic thing about this pandemic is that I had started socially isolating 9 months prior, when I got pregnant – because I’m high risk for infections.

A pandemic is tough on everyone. A pandemic is even tougher on people with medical conditions. Things that seem very low risk for others: not wiping down groceries, socially distanced meet-ups while wearing masks, seem needlessly risky for me.

I’ve been nearly hospitalised from a common cold from sitting in a cinema during summer in the past.

During my twenties, as an immigrant student from the middle east, I’d lived through ten years of uncertainty over where I would be able to live and work. That uncertainty and my past conditioning caused me immense social anxiety and panic attacks. It made planning the future and enjoying the present very hard. And being alone, I didn’t have anyone to help me through it.

Fast forward to march 2020, and even though I was married with a beautiful baby living a life I could never have dreamed of before – the future for me was starting to look shakey and lonely again.

Everyone is going through it

The thing that’s helped me the most is noticing how the pandemic has been bringing up similar themes of panic attacks, anxiety, depression and uncertainty around planning in a lot of people I’ve been speaking to lately. 

My Adhd, the last five years of working from home, and ten years of remote work, means I know how to function even when time and routines seem to collapse (I have NO sense of time or days). I already had my routines all set up so I wouldn’t burn out.

It felt like all my past experiences and lessons I’d gone through alone enabled me to be helpful to others.

If sharing my tips, processes, and resources that have helped me, helps even one person I’ve not met yet – that makes my story make sense to me. It gives me my “why”.

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