Fantasy LoFi Beats Playlist (Zelda, Skyrim, LOTR)

lofi pixelart of a scene from lord of the rings: bilbo and sam it around a fire at night with gandalf

I’m fully in my lofi era. It’s what I play while sitting at my desktop, while writing – and often – while running errands.

It just seems to keep my brain calm yet engaged enough to focus without going into “what if?’ scenarios or getting overwhelmed. Lofi is a not just a productivity tool for me, it’s an emotional regulation one too.

And what could be cuter than some lofi beats based on classic retro games and fatansy films? Ones with cute pxile art, no less?

(PS, if you the vidoes don’t load for you, make sure you’ve clicked consent on the cookies tab, below. I’m not allowed to pass you content from other sites without your consent. )

1. Lord of The Rings lofi beats

Lord of the rings lofi beats

2. Zelda Lofi Beats

3. Skyrim Lofi beats

Get the Spotify Playlist

Here’s the entire playlist on spotify, complete with “Warhammer” and The Last Of Us” tracks. All tracks are by bitsandhits.

You can check out their website if you want to license their music for a project.

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