Slow cooker Osso buco

Me making the risotto Milanese to accompany this like

It’s been a long day flying solo on very little sleep, after a few similar days. My brain loves to tell me I’m evil when I’m this tired. But would an evil person make osso buco and risotto Milanese with a fussy baby strapped to her chest for her home working husband to enjoy? I think not.

The recipe for the slow cooker oso buco is pretty straightforward and taken from the fine cooking recipe

The only variations I made is I can’t use white wine because they usually have additives that are milk or wheat derived, so I used chicken stock and a little apple cider vinegar to get that zing and a dash of brown sugar to get the sweetness. I know it’s dry wine but even dry wine is sweeter than chicken stock. Husband dashed out later to get some cider for the risotto, and that would have been ideal for the oso buco, but I’m happy with how it turned out as it is.

I have to tell you, being able to prep dinner after my coffee while I still have some semblance of energy is a godsend. If I were using a smart pot/ pressure cooker instead, I would still prep all the ingredients and put them in Tupperware ready to dump in before eating time.

Finding osso buco cuts in spain

The cut your looking for is called “trozos de osobuco de ternera”. Ours arrived in one piece so I got to practice my carving. But you can ask the butcher to cut it for you. Ideally you want the meat on the bone, but it was already cut away from the bone at the butchers.

How it looks going in. I went a bit overboard with the chopped tomatoes.
How it looks at serving time. The difference is in the tenderness of the meat.

The review? “This is like a restaurant”.

Not bad for a Wednesday.

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