Tiny Habits for Hope & Optimism

A lot of what makes us miserable is about our habits. We wake up after staying up too late bing watching tv or chatting on discord, and scroll through social media, looking at curated, unrealistic projections of people’s lives (not the nitty gritty, ‘ups and downs’ reality of their lives), then start our day without eating and wonder why feel down all day and can’t control our snacking.

The tiny habits website is from by the head of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab, BJ Fogg – a man often quoted by San Fran tech people when trying to nudge their users towards a desirable behaviour. You know, the very makers of those apps you can’t put down.

Well, now you can use the same knowledge to un-do some of that damage.

The theory behind the tiny habits site is simple: big lifestyle changes don’t work long term, they’ve found. Anyone who’s tried to cold turkey their way into their New Years resolutions will know this.

Instead, they focus on what does: starting with some very tiny habits and building up slowly.

And they’ve created a series of videos on how to cultivate tiny habits for optimism, positivity, and wellness.

“Find the smallest, easiest change you can make that will have the biggest meaning to you. “


If you’re trying to make a shift in some other direction in life – anything you’re struggling to build consistency around, I also highly recommend the 5 day tiny habits email course. There’s accountability built into the course, so it’s not just read and forget.

And they’re free! Enjoy!

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