Sunday vibes

A day for hand-ground decaf coffee and playing this on loop while the kid is out with the hubs.

It was a long, long night. I’m not a social person and find groups of people and loud music exhausting. That was ok before I had CFS. But yesterday was the 40th of a mutual friend and it was done BIG, starting around noon. With live band and catering, people flying in for the event.

So I was counting on having a quiet evening upon getting in. That kiddo would sleep early while hubs went to his concert.

That didn’t happen. She woke up around 9:30 and didn’t sleep until 1:30. It was brutal. The last thing I needed after a day of giving it my all. But we managed. And we slept in, which worked for my hungover husband.

So here is the song of the day. Extra beautiful for knowing she edited this video herself in imovie.

Here’s hoping your sunday is the vibe you’ve been craving all week <3

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