Handmade Cottage Core and Witch Core Coffee Cups

The devil took my one and only cappuccino cup.

Everyone’s at war and the world is on fire, and this is what I write about?

But it’s the small things.

We have plenty of mugs in this house, but only one that my mom brought me as a gift when she was able to visit me, which doesn’t happen often because of the price of overseas tickets. Hers was the one mug I can pour the frothed almond milk into and start my morning feeling like I can have this one nice thing, just for me, before I start doing all the things for everyone else.

I wish I were a high roller, that I could afford to buy her tickets every year. But what I can afford is to replace my coffee cup.

Here are my best picks frm etsy, cos while nothing can replace a gift from mom, something handmade has some soul, and that moment before everyone wakes up can still feel special, just for me.

If anyone has any recommendations for cottage core, hobbit, garden witch vibey mugs, please share!

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