Journal prompts: fairness in relationships

I’ve found daily writing (or as near to it as is realistic with an infant) to be massively helpful in dealing with postpartum and lockdown anxiety. But sometimes, that blank page is too intimidating. Take any of these prompts to help kickstart a journaling session.

Q1. Do your relationships (romantic, platonic) feel fair? What does “fairness” in a relationship mean to you?

Q2. Explore the different ways individuals in a relationship might be unequal

Does one feel safe to share what they feel while the other holds back? Does one take up more “space” in the relationship and the other tend to be more flexible to accommodate them? (whether the accommodation is for work schedules, last minute plans, or to prevent emotional outbursts) does one of you always apologise or make amends after an argument? Does one of you always text first? Initiate intimacy?

You might notice that while the relationship is fair overall, you each hold something different back.

Q3. Explore fairness in your previous relationships, friendships, or family dynamics.

Q4. How was fairness modelled to you in the relationship between your parents, or carers?

Q5. How has fairness changed over time in your relationships, if at all?

Q6. If unfairness is a past or present theme: is there anything you get out of unfair relationships that is keeping you locked in this pattern?

Q7. What helped you, or what step could you take to help you in making your relationships more fair going forwards?

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