Healing & Emotional Wellness News Roundup

This week: Signs of covid burnout; How to feel joy in a suffering world; Radical acceptance is how we survive the next crisis; Influencer diets are bad for the planet; Mantras for anyone healing from childhood trauma, The wise heart of radical acceptance (podcast by tara brach); and misinformation on facebook is there for a reason – it gets high engagement.

I’ve been meaning to start a weekly roundup of the best stuff I found, but I wasn’t organised enough to collect everything in one place. Until now!

“Who’s unhappy? The one who finds fault.”

This talk will focus on the radcial acceptance of our own imperfections.

~ Tara Brach

Best reads (and podcast) this week on mental health and healing

Make some time to do something you enjoy today. | Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Apps making my life calmer this week:

  • Feedly: OMG. the simple ability to subscribe to content across platforms (blogs, online publications, substack newsletters, twitter and youtube) in once place and actually see everything that’s new in once place without ads or cluttering my inbox or training 4-5 algorithims? LIFE. CHANGING.
  • Clickup (I was really skeptical, especially as it looked so complicated. But I’m liking it now with a lot of features switched off. It’s functioning as my content calendar/ content capture tool and project managment tool for running updates on different sites I run.
  • Apple news plus: I’m on the free trial. I don’t know if I will keep it, but I do love the huge mix of magazines and news subscriptions you get for £9 a month. Everything from recipe magazines like Olive to The New Yorker. If you love reading long form but don’t want to keep track of different subscriptions, this could be for you.

What do you do when you’re listenitng to podcasts? For me, it’s usually washing baby bottles or getting ready to take the kiddo to the park.

Hope your week is mindful & calm<3

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